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Magnaform is a manufacturer of quality portion control trays for packing POULTRY, BEEF, PORK, FISH, SEAFOOD and specialty or gourmet foods.  Our facility currently produces 28 different types of trays, and maintains stock on 15 of the most popular tray configurations.  Custom trays for your specific application may be made with additional tooling costs and quantity orders.

Magnaform is also a reseller of poly sheets and poly bags.

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Magnaform portion control trays are:

Our Most Popular Trays

MF-12R Tray

MF-SM6 Tray

MF-SM1 Tray


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Magnaform's embossed, high-density polyethylene sheets are excellent for layer pack as well as cover sheets for Magnaform trays. Custom sizes are available with quantity orders.

Magnaform poly sheets are chemically acceptable for use below -65 degrees C as packaging material in direct contact with meat or poultry food products prepared under federal inspection.  The poly sheets are anti-static treated and embossed to prevent sticking to the food.


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Magnaform sells poly bags that are made from virgin low-density homopolymer or copolymer polyethylene and are acceptable as packaging material in direct contact with meat or poultry food products prepared under federal inspection.

Our stock poly bag size is widely used in conjunction with Magnaform trays and sheets as a box liner.


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About Us
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The Magnaform Corporation was founded March of 1985 by Ed Boyd for the manufacture of plastic packaging materials.

The primary emphasis has been on food-related packaging, such as portion control trays for the poultry, red meat, fish, and seafood industries. Our customer base ranges from coast to coast in the United States, Canada, and limited international points.

Magnaform's primary goal is to provide first-rate service, quality products, and lowest price to its customers.  The 32,000 square foot manufacturing and office facility is located in Van Buren, Arkansas - a twin city to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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